Monday, January 19, 2015

19/365 Bring on the Day

There is a pattern here... it goes like this~ Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

I can't help but feel that, since the days are formed by weeks in my world, this project will be somewhat repetitive, or cyclical, or something like that. There is a sense of safety and comfort in the (and I cringe as I am about to write this overused word) rhythm of days so I tend to like that it creates a pattern for this photo project too. But all that to say, that it is Monday.

Monday is about getting our life back in order. It wasn't torn to smithereens over the weekend or anything, but we definitely let our hair down somewhat and make other things important rather than strict routine and all that. I try not to grocery shop on the weekends, or do major cleaning. So, on Monday we are in need of food. Always food. And putting things back in order, after everyone and their mother has been inhabiting every inch of space all over the entire house.

Even though it's hard to roll out of bed on Monday morning, with the whole of the week staring you down like a gauntlet, I am finding that a good Sunday makes the turn around that much easier. We can say, Bring on the Day and enter into our work with simple fortitude, with hopeful trust, with expectation that there will be something to learn or a way to serve or beauty to find in this day.

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  1. Always there is beauty to be found if we have eyes to see it.