Thursday, January 15, 2015

15/365 Self Portrait Success, Sort of.

Self portraits from the 2's and 3's and Kindergarten class. Surprisingly accurate in a weird way, and entirely entertaining. Watching a two year old try to make a self portrait reminds me quite a lot of myself trying to teach art this year. Aiya.

Back home to the cold and gray. The thought of shredding any layers, much less all of them is sort of horrifying to me right now. But the kids are getting crusty, so it must be done. While sitting in the bath, Quinn had this discussion with himself. "I'm big, I'm tiny. No, I'm big. No, I'm tiny. I'm big." As far as I know he is still undecided.


  1. I remember those days of not wanting to bathe... No fun at all! At least Quinn doesn't seem to mind :)

  2. Katie! I'm sure you do! Not fun days at all but you are right, he doesn't notice half as much as I do. Kids are weird about the cold. Always taking socks of too. Miss you here!