Friday, January 23, 2015

23/365 If a Two Year Old Made Noodles

I have said this before but I am no homesteader. I don't set out to be and I don't pretend to be and outside of when I read the Little House series I don't really even think I want to be. But I do enjoy cooking, and my journey has often been one of necessity. The combination of limited access to certain foods,  an eye addicted to aesthetics, and the love of making things that are pleasing to eat has led to a few ventures here and there that have surprised me.

One day this week, the dinner menu item was noodles, chicken, and veggies, but my grocery budget was limited and the more expensive imported noodles at the store got the veto. There are cheap-o fresh chinese noodles at the wet market but I didn't think of that. And there is something special about homemade noodles if you have the means and the time. 

**"if you have the means and the time" is especially for all you full time working friends or anyone who rolls their eyes at the luxury of minutes to make homemade anything.

The recipe is very simple, and my only lesson to share that I learned the first time I threw an entire batch away in frustration is... use a lot of flour. Not only when rolling out the sheets of dough, but especially when rolling up the sheets of dough to be cut into strips. Continuing to sprinkle plenty of flour means the dough won't stick and that is important to make for easy unraveling and to avoid a sticky mass of ruined dough.

This is the basic, good ole Betty Crocker recipe I use:

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it! And if it fails, please don't blame me (but try again!)

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