Monday, March 7, 2011

Days of Gray :: 22 {snapshots}

There have been many things hanging around in the air of late. I find myself thinking about many things and people, and sometimes forgetting even to post on here (yesterday), or to mindfully notice what I want to capture during the day-- gray or not.

This week, on Wednesday, the season of Lent begins and that too has been on my mind. I should warn you ahead of time that I'll probably write more frequently on that subject (or not) as my world and that of so many around the world grows full with it. I have so many thoughts about it... probably many not worth sharing but I may not be able to stop myself.

One thought is that I may "go dark" during that time. I think it's a challenge to try and shoot black and white photos purposely. They take more thought because of the conditions and elements that make a colorless photo interesting. But I like the "thematic" idea of going dark just like the season of Lent does... taking you down the dark path in preparation for the celebration of Resurrected Light. We'll see. It's just a little thing.

In the spirit of those snippits of thought, here are just a few snapshots from the past day or two, which have not been gray at all by the way (except perhaps on a more personal level), but full of blue skies and encouraging temperatures.

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  1. Oh, my that last image is just gorgeous!

    My husband and I have never participated in lent...I grew up with that being some weird catholic thing :-) We know differently now and it has actually begun to be a topic of discussion for us to figure out exactly what it is, how it works and it's purpose. I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on the subject.