Saturday, March 19, 2011

City Walks :: Part One

There is a section of this city that stresses me out. Not because there is anything inherently wrong or anxiety-ridden about it, but because most people go there to shop for all kinds of odds and ends...and you have to be ready to drive a hard bargain, as well as possibly find nothing even close to what it was you were looking for, while getting lost in the chaos of everything else you were not looking for. 

Some people enjoy this, but I don't and so I tend to avoid this area like the plague and only go there out of dire necessity. But lately, I've been wanting to just enjoy the city more and one of the ways that always seems to help me do that is simply to take it's picture. I like to think I'm taking this old girl on her own photo shoot, one street or alley or afternoon at a time. It makes me slow down and notice so much more. It helps me talk to people. It makes me see and appreciate even just the unique and textured world that is China and this city in particular.

Yesterday the Little Scout and I ventured out together, and she was a huge help. She's curious and friendly, and helps take off the edge that I have a camera in my hand. She is also increasingly easy to go on outings with, something that has not always been the case (thus another reason for my lack of city venturing).

I think there will continue to be more of these, so I'm calling this Part One. But don't worry, no new daily photo projects anytime soon!


  1. I liked the daily photo projects...even when I didn't get to it daily :-)
    I'm glad you're doing this on the's wonderful to peek into a world I will probably never see in person and the 'real' China as opposed to what people may see if they're on vacation.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Beautiful. Your pictures are incredible, as usual. I hope there's a part 2. :) and a 3 and a 4... She's beautiful, by the way and looking like her brothers.