Thursday, June 17, 2010

pride goeth before the pictures

It seems only right to follow up a post on pride with tons of pictures of my beautiful and talented children. I would post pictures of your beautiful and talented children, if only I had them. But it seems all I have is ones of mine. A ridiculous amount of them. What does one do in the age of digital cameras when you can click and click and click and pile them all into your computer without spending a penny? Even after weeding out, they still pile up like a stack of  kindergarten papers, meaningless and and superfluous except that they hold a scrap of his work, a scrape of his pen, a stroke of his artistic or literary genius beginnings. Why can't I just pick out that one representative piece, that perfect moment that encapsulates all the myriad of moments that lie there stacked and collected and begging to be let go?

I can. I will. Before I do though, I will throw them up all over you and this space that begs to be filled with narcissistic behavior. Some of which include talking about myself and showing pictures of my family. What would Jack say??

My friend who is an amazing photographer is doing this thing on her blog called Dog Days where she takes a photo ever day this summer, cataloging the days that can seem long and challenging when you live in a city with not much to do and little ones who don't have off switches. I think that is a lovely idea. I don't know how fully I can join in, but maybe once in awhile, or once a week. Today our "exciting" activity was playing in the little fountains down the road from our apartment.

Tomorrow the exciting activity is heading to Beijing for a long weekend to visit the Man! We started packing at about 7 am this morning and some of us were so excited, we asked to "pack all day long." But since we're only bringing one bag we soon discovered that was not a very feasible idea.


  1. I'm so glad you post pictures of your kiddos. I can't get enough of them!

  2. would you please quit apologizing for posting pictures. I LOVE seeing them!