Sunday, June 6, 2010

Glass Half Full

Sometimes, in the wake of a stretch of time that gapes with loneliness and hardship before you, it's best to think about the present. I know that him leaving is not the end of the world. It is hard, but whenever I moan inwardly I can't help but think of those who live these gaping moments without end. Whose husbands never come home. Who ache for a child. So my struggle is dim in comparison- and yet struggle I do.

Without trying to sound too Pollyanna-ish, I am reminded again today of how much good there is when I tend to think almost singularly about the bad!

1. Little boys in soccer uniforms, with dusty knees and sunburned necks. And one of them actually learning not to talk solely about his performance after the game...

2. Fresh, homemade granola (with MANGO Roby!)

3. A man who pursues me, even when it isn't easy. Twinkling blue eyes.

4. Sunshine striking ocean surfaces, turning them a deep brilliant blue in the early evening light. Waves cresting stark white and foamy against the glassy sea. Warm, salty air blowing my hair. It is so pretty here this time of year.

5. Old, junky China playgrounds. What used to annoy me I now find quite charming. All the poles painted with different colors, and chipping because of the poor quality makes for great texture and interest when taking photographs! The old school swings, the randomly placed benches, the overgrown rose bushes and flowering grass. Shadeless, perfect plastic playgrounds back in Suburbia, USA have nothing on these for artistic flavor!

6. Recycling Dixie Chicks for a little inspiration during a longer run today. "Ready to run!..." To train or not to train for the Big One? Right now I'm just thankful for the ability to add one more mile.

7. Taco burritos with fresh made tortillas and salsa.

8. Sunshine beating hard on hanging sheets... drying hot and fresh smelling for a few more days until the humidity sets in.

9. Brothers who are gifted and hardworking and just got hired for their first teaching job. Made my day.

10. It will be okay. There is Grace to help in time of need-- and need it I always do. Attitudes, outlooks, responses, and choices. Mothering, Partnering, Befriending, Providing, Creating, Submitting... Grace is there, over, above, and through it all.

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