Monday, June 28, 2010

Palette's are not for Palate's

We are getting near the end of my list of things to do with the kids while Daddy is gone. A morning of color mixing and canvas swiping seemed like a good, let-keep-the-kids-well-rounded idea.

 I even hired babysitters to take the little Scout out in order to ensure a pleasant experience. Minutes before they came to pick her up, I set the previously unopened canisters of acrylic paint out on the table and walked away to get some water... only to minutes later hear my thrill-seeking toddler hacking and coughing as she slathered yellow paint all over her tongue and lips. Oh my sweet crazy child. I rung and rinsed her out like a dirty dish rag over the sink and she seemed to recover fine. Then I shooed her out the door with her faithful guardians, hoping she didn't smother her face in dog poop or jump over the railing or some such nonsense in her absence.

Then it was on to the mini-Picasso's.

In the end we had a self-portrait, the universe, celebration of turning 4, spaceship flight, and more celebration of turning 4 (someone's birthday is tomorrow).

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