Monday, April 26, 2010

six :: it's easy when they're cute

How cute are they, chasing around their little sister in her fluffer-ball dress? How could I not be grateful when I watch them run and laugh, making her giddy with giggles and being careful not to knock her down or be too rough? And the warm afternoon, the blossoms breaking free, it was all so lovely as we walked home yesterday.

I tend to have issues with so many things... sometimes I can't be grateful enough, sometimes I feel bad for being grateful for things when others don't have them. Sometimes I write too much. But last night my dear mother reminded me that being grateful for the little things, that's what we're supposed to be thanking him for. Those things are always with us no matter our circumstance. Rather than being caught up with the things we don't have, or the race for bigger and better, it's finding grace in small things that keep us preoccupied with Him and all that he is daily giving us. It's the Corrie-lesson. The one that is that is thankful for fleas, even fleas. Well, it's not quite that... I'm still looking at things like cute little kids and sunshine and am pretty far removed from fleas in my bed and the horrors of a concentration camp. Could I ever even fathom being able to thank Him in the midst of something like that? Another issue... another day.

1. I was so grateful for my mom last night.

2. And for my three little ones, especially when I watched a wonderful mother weep new tears over her firstborn leaving for college next year... and all the swelling pride and fear and reminiscing it brings.

3. I love going to the little Korean grocery, creeping up the narrow stairs to the upper floor where all the fresh food is made, buying a little pack of Kimbob for 7 RMB and splitting it with a different child each week. It's so funny to watch how their different personalities play out in this little space. The oldest talks the whole time, the little one gets up and down and goes all around the whole time, and today it was just me and my sweet middle boy, staring quietly, whispering through big blue eyes, watching everything and holding my hand.

4. The morning was early and quiet and I am hopeful.

5. New babies (not mine) are on the way, one any day!


  1. Glad to see someone new starting their way towards the 1000 gifts list.

  2. I am just getting started too! I love your photos and watching kids play is one of my favorite ways to pass the time!

  3. I love making my list! Blessings to you as you seek gratitude in the everyday!


    Great list btw!