Friday, April 9, 2010

As If I Needed Something Else to Do

You have to know I really wanted to write a post about Neil Postman, and some ranting about community and facebook and all that. 

But then I finished this hat, and being my first completed hat (well, there have been two others but one was for a small bear who lives atop the bunk bed and another fit more like a skull cap than a ski hat so I feel like they don't really count) I felt it deserved a celebration. 

My model was dressed by her eldest brother, a privilege he earned for completing some little task this morning. And his desire was to outfit her like a cowgirl. I'll have you know we don't normally do denim head to toe, but that was what the stylist picked and so there you have it.

The recipient of this little number is actually a bit smaller than the model pictured here. She is in fact still in utero and will hopefully be arriving sometime in the next few weeks. Hopefully she likes red.


  1. Christine -- that is absolutely beautiful!!!! I have the same hat on my knitting "to-do" list. Wait, now that I look at it it's a little different. Did you use circular needles for that or double pointed? Was it difficult? Have you done hats before??? I might just have to shoot you an email -- anyway,very nice job! :)

  2. Look in the sidebar :)

  3. Thank you Lindsey. Wish we could knit together... I am having a lot of fun learning and getting excited about it. I can see how it is addicting. No good yarn stores here which may be a good thing for my bank account but I drool over stashes on the internet.

    Funny you linked that site... I looked at that one too but liked this pattern a little better. Maybe I just liked her pictures:) It's linked above. I borrowed a circular from a friend for this hat and then switched to DPN's at the end. It was not difficult... a great hat for beginners with a very rewarding feeling at the end:) I'd love to see what you are working on...