Tuesday, July 28, 2015

201/365 Hosta Sap

Today was one of those come down days. Unpacking. But gearing up for the big Return to China pack. Hot and a little humid and yard work, and missing that lake weather and all it's eye candy.

I tackled a bunch of sewing projects, and not being a real accomplished seamstress, that was a dicey move that had a few casualties. But I have big hopes set on my old Dutch machine waiting for me back at home. Home... feeling restless and anxious, sad and frustrated, and thus overall confused, but also reminiscent that this is pretty much what I always feel like that last week in the States. And so today was a quiet day for the camera and my 365 project, except for thsi prehistoric hosta in my parents yard that seemed to say, "I've been growing here a long time and I'll be here when you get back." What a sap.

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