Tuesday, June 23, 2015

173/365 The Coolest

 On our way to Texas and we made a one day stop in the exciting city of St. Louis, Missouri. Actually, there is probably so much more coolness there than I am smart enough to know about, but we did manage to stop at one place that came highly recommended and did not disappoint. In fact, it so far exceeded our expectations even after the rave reviews we heard that I have to pass along the wonder and excitement and absolute genius and beauty that is The City Museum. Go there. It is amazing. One part historical preservation/celebration/education of the city's architecture and history and one hundred parts exploration and creative awesomeness, all four of our kids could have stayed there all day. And we had a ton of fun and enjoyment of all that it had to offer as well.

Second part of the day was another special adventure, simple enough as it was. We trekked a few more hours to our hotel, soaked up a pool all to ourselves, had hamburgers and greasy fries at a locally owned diner, and experienced all that a six person family staying in one hotel room together has the pleasure of knowing: dad in his underwear, spiders crawling on your arm when you're trying to sleep, kids fighting for room on the bed, women's world cup soccer, wrestling and giggling and yelling.

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  1. Such a beautiful and fun day! Memories you will treasure for years to come :-)