Monday, June 22, 2015

172/365 From Here to There | a Desk Story

We took a tour of dad's work history today. I remember a few rare times as a kid, visiting him on the job. This foreign feeling land called a substation where there were vast, gated fields of electrical towers and transformers, and the office was paneled and smelled of bad coffee and mothballs. He was a hard worker then, and as the years have gone by, his honesty and committment to doing the right thing has elevated him to roles of leadership. 

We looked at an old desk in a now-deserted office where he used to sit when he was a supervisor. We looked at the current place he just moved into, and saw our pictures on the wall with string pointing to all the places his kids live in the world, the quotes that have stayed with him from influential people over the years, the large empty desk and the hard hat hanging on the wall. He talked about the path that has taken him to this place today, the different positions and bosses, the way he was encouraged to keep his integrity no matter what, and the call to be the type of leader who does what is right, now what is expedient or gets you the most likes. It was all the kind of thing you want your children to hear and see in the flesh from a man you call Dad, and to know that it was this quality and so many more that breathe a kind of buoyancy to your own life, and give a beautiful shape to his.

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