Friday, June 12, 2015

162/365 building

These boys don't get much chance to use their hands with wood and nails and sawdust, all the things that Grandpa loves and is so good at. So sometimes he leaves a project for them to tag along with and while they may not be full fledged carpenters anytime soon, they get to feel like they were invited to the table, and that maybe they could handle it someday if they set their mind to learn.

Everyone was doing it this year.
And this week we saw the rewards, with each of us reaching our goal and ordering that long cherished item that will change our lives forever (or just be awesome to have).

Time with Grandma and all her many prints...

Forced piano practice wherever we can find a place with working ivory's. Sometimes that is the local church down the road with a big empty auditorium and a grand piano all to you and your scales.

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