Thursday, February 26, 2015

57/365 Craving

Craving green. 
Craving growth.
Craving a new day, a new season.
Craving life instead of death.
Craving renewal.
Craving signs of hope, a shoot, a bud, a possibility, anything.
Craving strength. To make it through these last days of the dead beats.
Craving something outside myself, a power that makes all thing new, that makes stinking tomb linens fresh and white like snow.
Craving something like a resurrection.


  1. Wasn't there some old gospel wait it was a guy named Carmen who was big in Christian music in the early 90's so you're probably too you to remember...but he had a song where he would sing in a very powerful voice that Sunday was coming or something like that.

  2. Ok, I am somewhere between being mortified that I actually posted a comment about Carmen and horribly embarrassed that I still know a song by him after all of these years.