Tuesday, February 10, 2015

41/365 This Force of a Girl

Delighting in these Chun Jie days and having this girl home with us all day, everyday,  She is larger than life, spirited and un-contained, throwing her body from one thing to the next with hardly a thought as to how her limbs will follow her. I feel sometimes like I am colliding with a force, that is both body and spirit and has yet to be gathered up and directed by any reins of... anything.

She is like a dam about to burst, and always bursting. Her heart is on her sleeve, on continual display for all to see. Yet, she has waters that run deep, and I can see already that what she thinks and feels, while flapping now in the wind, rises up from a still and silent place that is not flippant or careless. There are seeds of real strength and compassion lurking behind all that wild hair and eyes. Oh for a steady, careful hand in the shaping of what is just beginning to form.

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