Saturday, May 26, 2012

lately we've been (growing)

I have determined that I will get back on here more regularly. If for no other reason than I do thoroughly enjoy it. And yet I just can't seem to make it happen. Slowly, I guess. Just like growing. I can't help but think of that word with all that we have been doing lately. We are on the brink of summer, after all. And then there are children who are always growing in so many fun ways, the baby who changes every day, our plants, our plans for the future, our bank account (ha! that was a joke for my husband).

I hope my brain starts to grow back to it's normal size someday too. Lately it seems to have shrunk to a very small size and I miss the things it used to be able to do. In the meantime, just a few images to share from all the growing we've been doing around here.

{every changing blossoms on the table}

{herb seedlings}

{it takes a lot of sleep to grow so fast}

{strawberry picking}

{strawberry bounty}

{potato hunting}

{growing readers}

{after school}

{my new rose plant}

{we do a lot of this}

{ahh, hydrangeas}

{someone else moving means I gained a new "old" cabinet}


  1. lovely set of pictures.

  2. i love that cabinet! and the rest of you :^) but that cabinet looks amazing. i want it!