Saturday, May 5, 2012

books, babies and babushkas (that's a grandma)

It occurred to me to download whatever snippets we've been gathering on the camera and post a few of them here, along with an update on our current day to day doings. Somewhat to my embarrassment, all that I found were pictures of people holding books, or sleeping. Seems we need to get out more or find something else to do. Not that reading is bad. It's just, well, not the only thing there is. And I suppose it could, in some sense encourage anti-social behaviors, or the neglect of housework, or the onset of an interior life to the neglect of the world around you. Anyway. They're just pictures. It's really not all we're doing.

The Baby, as we've taken to calling him (oh dear, his lot in life as the last in line begins) is a delight. He's so "squishy" as Scout likes to say. And we all like to squish him. He sleeps and eats and rarely changes things up. But still, we can't get enough of him.

The Girl is firmly in the midst of Grandma Boot Camp. My mom, who has come to stay with us for several weeks (and is nothing short of The Most Helpful Person in the World) has taken it upon herself to reform this wayward child who has been at the mercy of my tired and unmotivated mothering the last several months. Don't worry, it's not the intrusive, overbearing kind of reforming... simply the thoughtful observations of a loving mom and gramma who is helping this tired momma and her itchy little girl by establishing some much needed routine. So they do puzzles (set the timer... 15 minutes!), they read a book, they build with blocks, they listen to stories or songs, go outside, read again, color a picture, and on it goes. I'm so thankful. I can only hope that I have as much energy and generous love as she does when I am a grandma someday.

Oh, and the other thing we do is cook. And wash the floors. My mother keeps commenting on these elaborate meals I am making (such as soup. and pizza), when really what I think she is noticing is the fact that nearly everything must be truly made here, often from scratch. I am used to it by now, and don't really notice the extra time or planning it takes to prepare a meal. But I suppose it is nice to feel like someone thinks you are a gourmet chef for making your own granola.

Food, books, a new baby, and Grandma. What more do we need really?


  1. That is so wonderful that your momma was able to come over. I am so glad to see it. All looks so cozy and lovely.

  2. This sounds wonderful! You gave me a laugh with the food. I was always impressed with your pizzas and things too. A part of me would think "oh, if only I could stay home all day to cook too," but then I'd remember the reality of it (or as well as I can understand it without having yet been a mom of small children) and be impressed again :) I'm glad you and Scout are enjoying Grandma's visit to much!