Monday, May 14, 2012

Even with my mom around, doing almost everything that needs to be done besides nurse this new baby of ours, I seem to have my hands full most of the time. So in lieu of my own pictures, I stole some off my mother's camera since she has been happily snapping away.

It has startled me again, to watch someone else view our life here, when I have grown so accustomed to it. The things that seem strange, or hard, or adventurous, are at least commonplace to my own experience. Things like the traffic, or the way the little kids are dressed, or the dirt that covers everything, or the busyness and chaos of the neighborhood streets. 

It's also sweet to see the things in my kids through a grandma's eyes that I sometimes am too tired or worn out to notice. Like this picture of them playing hide and go seek... hiding each others eyes while they count.

or Scout's ability to make friends with just about anyone, and her endless desire to do so.

the way they make lemonade from lemons... or find ways to play with grass and the outdoors even though there is so little of it to go around.

The way our small apartment allows for so much togetherness. right. on. top. of. each. other.

how a rainy day and missing umbrellas makes us run for the garbage bags and I can be sort of proud that my little boys aren't growing up wimpy where they can't get a little (or a lot) wet on their way to school!

how our "mini van" in China is so much more fun than a Dodge Caravan.

and the traffic is easier to weave through when there are no rules...

And without car seat restrictions we can pile one mama, one baby, one grandma, and three kids onto a three-wheel scooter to go get dinner.

How dinner on the street can cost about five US dollars and still feed the whole family.

My hands are full. And so is my heart. I love living here and I'm so thankful we are given the opportunity to do so. 

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  1. These are wonderful. What a beautiful life. I definitely need a long sappy email soon, and shall send one as well. : ) With love!