Monday, September 28, 2015

270/365 #sundaysaremyfavorite

So often I am reminded, watching parents of older children, and wading slowly into those waters with my own, that people are hard, and they don't get along. It sounds great to strive for and dream of, especially in curated feeds and selective soliloquies, but no amount of pictures or reprimands or even heart to heart talks will make a kind heart happen. I was so discouraged this morning, watching my kids spat and rumble, while we readied to gather in worship. But of course worship was just what we needed. To hear others affirm and remind us of the depths of the mercies of God, and to ponder all the way that our fallenness brings shame, but the entire Story is about reaching out to redeem us to our image-of-Godness, our true humanity. It helped me to walk forward in hope with my kids again, extending grace without erasing expectations. Seeing them as hooligans but never without hope. A story needed for us all.

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