Saturday, May 16, 2015


These people... I love watching them, surrounding them, uplifting them: this family I work with who have two adopted boys of their own and whose hearts are so on fire for the children and families in China, my Chinese co-workers who are the most patient and amazing mamas to their little students, and a new friend who is here starting a foster home in our city. Today, my friend wanted to honor the Ayis who so faithfully care for these kids at the orphanage, so this beautiful team of people made special food and brought flowers... and yet it is the smallest of gestures. 

 My friend's husband always brings his guitar and it produces the biggest smiles and squeals when he pulls it out, especially for those who are the most mentally and physically disabled. I love watching their family and learn so much from them. Today, we also found out two kids have been matched with families, one of them a Chinese family, and all our hearts were lifted.

And these two. Goofy and good spirited, continuing to learn that life and Saturdays are not always spent on ourselves. 

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