Wednesday, May 13, 2015

132/365 In the Neighborhood

Today we finally got a key to our mailbox that has been sitting there unattended to for a couple months now, and lo and behold inside we found a birthday card for this boy from his Great Grandma, the most faithful birthday card sender in the whole wide world. It even had a dollar in it. 

Knitting Ninjas, some of my favorite ladies on the street.

I never tire of seeing these dancing ladies on my way to get groceries. And today there was even sidewalk bokeh.

The right idea.

One of my favorite moments of the morning. When I passed him the first time, this man was walking next to his grandson who was clearly mentally disabled, riding a sort of rigged up three wheeled bike. He told me where he lived and a little about his boy's condition and I told him I loved to see his grandson with his family. The second time I passed him, he had met an older neighborhood couple on the street and was helping the woman to get a knot out of her shoulder. And everyone was giggling.

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