Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jitters and Joy

{first day of school}

They left me this morning, full of jitters and excitement. I was excited too, even though there is always a part of me that nags about how I should be doing more of their education myself instead of sending them off to an institution. I can listen to the nagging and feel bad about it, but in the end I have to come back to the fact that this is where we believe we need to be right now. And here and now that means kids in school. So, that's it. It wasn't entirely my idea and it's not always entirely my agenda but there is a measure of peace that comes from knowing it's not all in my hands.

And as soon as I get over that nagging feeling, I actually rejoice. This woman, in this place and at this time needs some space to get things done and to be able to breeathe.  So thank you to each one of you wonderful teachers who has put in time and thought and precious energy into planning lessons, thinking through curriculum, putting up inviting and stimulating classroom decor, and practicing patience and dedication to the end of helping my kids to grow as learners, individuals, citizens, friends, readers, children of God, and followers of Jesus. I see you as nothing short of God's loving and gracious provision. I am also hoping for lots of college scholarships so let's get crackin'.

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