Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wonder Baking

A little Holiday Baking going on around here. Some take the privileges of the Baker very seriously.

On my list of goodies to be made this year:
Sugar Cookies (maybe even with royal icing and serious decorating? we'll see)
Ginger Snaps, of course
Peanut Blossoms, see above... and old standby
Mexican Wedding Cakes, my personal favorite
Tea Ring, just like my Grandma always does it
Peppermint Mochas (times 80... for the staff at school... yikes! but fun)
White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels... for gifts

I think that and maybe lettuce and endamame should do it for our diet of the next couple weeks.

How about you? Are there special things you always make, or are trying new this year? 
So far, the making for me has not been too stressful (wait until I get to the Peppermint Mochas) and I am enjoying the pleasure and heightened sense of "something wonderful is happening" that it so easily brings. 
I hope you enjoy your times of special making as well!



  1. I used the syrup recipe you pinned for Karen's elf party last weekend---syrup is one of the four Elf food groups! It was great! I made a double batch and used 1 Tablespoon of extract for the 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water. Then super strong coffee, milk, and chocolate syrup (or super strong coffee and stovetop hot cocoa, made with milk, cocoa, sugar, etc.). It was fabulous! I'm going to make more syrup for Tea at the Tree this Sunday. The syrup was really nice because people could use it just with the hot cocoa, or put some coffee in it for a mocha.

  2. We always make chocolate fudge truffles...half rolled in confectioners sugar the other half rolled in toffee bits. I also make a Scandinavian almond cake.
    I had the weirdest dream the other night that for some reason my husband was visiting your family and you served him spaghetti...on top of mashed potatoes????

  3. My dad is making his mom's recipe for buttercrunch (toffee with nuts and chocolate) and this winter I'll get to visit for Christmas, so I'm skipping my own batch this year... I know he'll save me a gift-boxfull!

    But I did try SmittenKitchen's Maple Nutmeg Sugar Cookies. They were good but I might go with regular ones next time. I DID enjoy making royal icing to frost them with for the first time ever! Both "from scratch" and using powdered egg whites. Making them for all of the families in our school (staff, not enrolled!) means I did a pretty fast job on most of them. Another year I may just make a few and spend more time (or quit my job and then make pretty ones for everyone)! :-)