Monday, October 10, 2011

Pears and Pizzas... Hello Fall

Homemade Pizza is our Sunday night tradition, a tradition that has been slow going this past month or so with various travels, etc. getting in the way. But last night we settled in for a return to a meal we've come to anticipate spending either as a family, or often with friends. It was the official "end" to our one week October Holiday (thanks to the Chinese National Day on Oct. 1st) and we celebrated with a leap into the ingredients that say "fall is here!" even if the weather outside isn't quite on board yet.

Pear and Pecorino Pizza
homemade crust
small sprinkling of mozza cheese
caramalized onions
thinly sliced pear
freshly grated pecorino cheese
pepper to taste
*most recipes for pear pizza use goat cheese... which we don't have. I tried pecorino which was a more pungent flavor, but it worked for us.

Pesto and Ricotta Pizza
homemade crust
small sprinkling of mozza cheese
dollops of pesto
sliced grape or plum tomato
ricotta cheese

Caramel Dipped Pears
wash and chill pears
dip into warm caramel sauce
 (we made ours with the caramel candies and full whipping creame melted together over the stove)
sprinkle with coarse salt (go light on the salt- I used too much) or nuts
*this take on caramel apples was thanks to a pinterest link from my sis in law. Thanks Jos!

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