Monday, October 17, 2011

Before and After {kitchen}

Monday morning here, and I bring you another Before and After tour from our lovely apartment.
This is our kitchen, the room with the least natural light, but made up for by amount of space (at least in comparison to what I have had before in China) . What id does receive comes from that tiny window that is actually filtered through the small laundry balcony it looks onto. There is a door on both ends of the kitchen, which also let in a small amount of secondary natural light.

As you can see from the Before picture, the cubboards are a bright, tangerine orange which could work for some people or maybe someone with a more modern sense of taste, but for me were a little too much. So, I covered them with contact paper I had brought back from the States with crossed fingers (knowing I was coming back to orange cupboards but not having seen them yet). The contact paper worked great and I have been so happy with the result.

We had to add a lot of storage, so put in two shelves above the sink as well as two hanging racks for drying dishes, and on the opposite wall, a large white cupboard from a secondhand alley in Qingdao, as well as a utility shelf from IKEA to place our oven, microwave, and baking pans, etc. on. (the oven is a story in itself. It must be plugged directly into a wall outlet to receive enough power, but there are no outlets along the floor- only high near the ceiling, but the cord is short, so it had to be placed high enough on a shelf to reach the outlet. Sheesh. And that outlet was also the only available outlet for the refrigerator, so another cord had to be re-routed along the floor from another way high-up-in-the-sky outlet on the other end of the kitchen. I'd love to talk to the people who wired this place)

The counter tops may come up to my knees, and the water has to be blasted full force (which because of the mismatched size of sink to length of spout, causes of a lot of water sprayage on the pants and counter area...) in order to trip the hot water heater, but even with these small (and they are small) little glitches, I really enjoy this little kitchen. And I have enjoyed making it come to life, or to a place that reflects my sensibilities and tastes a little more and makes me feel at home. Putting it to good use is the best way to do that too, and we do so each and every day.


  1. I love this make your place look so homey and inviting :-)

  2. I just installed those exact same rods w/ hooks and that white wire shelf in my house this weekend! I know it sounds stupid, but it makes me kind of happy to "share" something with you. Do you have an Ikea near you or did you have the things shipped?