Monday, August 15, 2011

I made my bed and other things

I made my bed today. It felt nice, even though I've had to "rework" it a little since we used to own a queen and were surprised to show up to a king. Not a bad surprise really, once you get over the pretty sheets you just bought and can't use. But I still like my bed and it made it feel a bit more like home, now that it's made.

I also made dinner. Butter Chicken Curry with rice and some beans thrown in to keep everyone eating their greens. Also cauliflower, and carrots. Then there was popsicles for dessert, which were more like popsicle-smoothies since apparently the freezer isn't really, well, freezing so much. It feels good to make dinner. More like home.

I found a vegetable market down the road that I really like. A friend took me on her electric scooter, which apparently is the primary way to get around here. Or on bikes. But when you need to carry a lot of stuff, which I generally do when it comes to food shopping, a bike doesn't always cut it. So I guess we need to buy a scooter now. And a dryer (which, yay, we have room for in this apartment), or so says my husband who was frowning at the slightly mildewish scent coming off of his shirt this morning. I would frown too, I guess. Although the scent of mildew makse it feel a little like home too... like home in China during the hot, humid summer.

I'm finding that things are a little better than I expected. The dialect here, while strong, is not so prevalent that I can't communicate with anyone (which I sort of imagined after hearing numerous stories). I've successfully ordered water, given a driver directions, bought vegetables and fruit, talked to the guards about parking questions, and apologized to a the poor woman Curls ran into on his bike today (whaaa??). Yes, things are definitely better than I expected. And starting to feel a very tiny bit like home.

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  1. Ah, Christine, I am thinking of you and missing you now. I am glad that you are settling in and hope that place becomes home soon.