Friday, July 22, 2011

With Friends Part II

From one state to another, the journey continues. We are truly blessed by the goodness of these friendships that span years and distance and remain sweet and refreshing and filled with hilarity. It is never easy to wave goodbye, knowing it will be two more years until we meet again, when all the kids are a head taller and life has changed sometimes dramatically, but God continues to give us grace to do it with a sense of his presence among all of us and the joy of a bond and journey with him and one another. And this is a gift that comforts us again and again, visit after visit.

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  1. christine, oh my gosh! how i've missed your blog so much. i will do lots of reading for sure :) i've just been so crazy busy eversince my china trip in april! i am so glad that you are able to visit friends and family. too bad you are way north, i wish you would cross oklahoma. take care and have lots of fun!