Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End

My Family: four generations of offspring

This is never an easy shot. Love all these cousins!

sittin' pretty

my brother and his wife... so cute.

my sweet three... troopin through a long and wonderful summer together 

yes, we stand in meadows and kiss every day.

these guys actually hang out here every day. not just for pictures.

my sister and her husband. they make cute kids.

exhibit A

my younger brother's baby girl. She thinks she is a dolphin.

fabulous fiesta thanks to Josey

there was A LOT of fishing.

 We all drove back to our respective states this morning.
 Lord willing, in two (or ??) years we'll all be here (or ??) together again.


  1. Love the family sweet!

  2. It looks like a joyful, peaceful end to your summer. I am always struck by how beautiful your mom is. Chengdu and the plans the Lord has for you awaits!

  3. Christine,
    I have just been LOVING your posts this summer and your photos! Arg! It makes me miss you all so much!
    I'm writing to remind you to send me your new China mailing address (as soon as you know what it is) and a family wish list so that our small group can bless you with a "housewarming" care package in the early fall.

  4. Will you include me in the sharing of the new mailing address? I have something I meant to send you while you were state side but time slipped away from me.