Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Days are for Eating and Taking Pictures

I did okay with the rain today, even though I had to run out in it first thing this morning to buy garlic and cucumbers and some cilantro for my hummus. I sloshed and slashed, wielding my umbrella like Joan of Arc against the whipping wind and water. If soaking wet pants and socks and shoes and mangled hair is a sign of defeat than I'll have to chalk that one up to the heavens. 

I confess, there is not too much going on around here and so I am left to my devices, which usually means the camera and food. We did clean up the house today, read some stories, made hummus and munched on pita chips, watched the rain and the people and a wet cat trying to walk around in it, exhausted the Lego bin, ate a lot of snacks, and of course took naps.

Rainy days can be nice for naps and relaxing in a curl-up-with-a-book-and-some-tea kind of way. The curling up for a quiet afternoon sounded nice, but I was equally excited to be able to steal away for a recipe exchange/potluckish sort of get together with some friends. There was a lot of good food, but not a lot of recipe exchanging. I think most of us forgot to bring that part. 

I feel as though a weekly meal plan exchange is in order as well. Sometimes you just get in a rut. Mine includes tacos, spaghetti, curry chicken, and lots of Chinese food. Today I was wishing I could find a pork tenderloin. I also need some sort of health food kick-- like going crazy and eating all raw or something. The last few days have seen me downing pound cake, French silk pie, Dairy Queen blizzards, and probably something I'm forgetting. If you have any great ideas, feel free to email me all your fanatical raw organic local food recipes and I will happily (though scathingly) oblige!


  1. Hey Christine,
    We eat all natural here...a major feat for living in another country. But I started a blog to document the recipes I have modified. Thought you may like to see it in light of this post.

  2. I love the rain pics - especially the chubby little foot!