Sunday, May 2, 2010

lately we've been eating too much cheese

It wasn't on purpose... but one night of tacos with all the trimmings and then leftovers the next day for lunch, then quesadillas for lunch after church today because I had nothing but more cheese and tortillas and salsa, and by the third meal we were feeling the weight that all that dairy can bring. Suddenly, our Sunday night tradition of pizza just started to seem like not such a good idea.

I've been wanting to make my own granola for awhile now, and just haven't had the push to do so. Today, after some fifty straight hours of cheese, that push came. I found this simple and tasty recipe and cooked it for about 35 minutes total, stirring every 8. We had a simple dinner of granola, yogurt, and fresh strawberries which I can tell you certainly hit the spot.

Also thought I should mention (after my mother asked me what the "seven" meant in the title of my last post) what in the world I'm doing with all these numbered posts that seem to, in a roundabout way talk about being thankful. Sorry, I haven't been very clear. The numbered posts are an attempt to consciously look at what has been placed in my hands, on my lap, before my eyes, in my life every day, and be thankful for it. This, because I just have that tendency to slump so quickly and wear dusty dark lenses much of the time.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to follow this thanks-counting trail. Maybe I'll stop at ten. Maybe I'll just do it every Monday. Maybe I'll become so thankful I'll have nothing but gratefulness oozing out of me all the time and won't be able to write here anymore to work through my issues. We'll see.

Today was a beautiful second day of May. The granola was yummy. The boys went on a long outing with Josh to the Marina. I read a book by N.T. Wright that I am really appreciating. I went for a run early this morning and listened to the latest Kindlings on Lewis', Letters To Malcolm. We broke bread together at fellowship. There was pork sausage for breakfast. The boys dressed themselves and came up with ripped jeans and un-tucked oxfords with preppy ties, and cargo sweatpants with layered collared shirts. It was awesome. I am finding that things like food and family, prayer and exercise, friends and nature, are all things that bring the simplest joy. What good gifts.

Hope you are enjoying the onset of May!

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