Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weather Breaks

We've been huddled in the seclusion of frigid temperatures for what seems like an endless amount of days. So, when Saturday dawned bright and (somewhat) clear, with a balmy, almost springlike feel to the air, we headed for the hills.

:: A hand-me-down carrier meant we could all go along for the steep climb up Fushan Mountain on the outskirts of the city ::

:: A boy and a stick... instant pleasure ::

:: Sadie on the loose... keeping passerby's entertained ::

:: maybe if we come here more often, these kids won't be completely shaped by concrete roads and sidewalks ::

:: signs of life outside a simple home on the way down the mountain ::

:: sweet family enjoying the beautiful day ::

:: February's family shot... we are two months in to our "12 in 12 Challenge"

What did you do this weekend to enjoy the beauty of February?

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