Saturday, January 2, 2010

You need a challenge. I am going to give you one. Because our relationship is so tightly bound together by all sorts of concrete tethers like cyberspace and anonymity, I am sure you will not be able to refuse.

I know it's a little hokey... New Year's resolutions and all, but I just can't help myself. That slim and sleek looking January 1 rolls around with it's stand-up-with-your-back-straight and suck-it-in look on it's face and I can't resist but make some pledges to change. But that is not entirely what I am challenging you with. I just think it's good to take stock. To look back and evaluate yourself in light of Truth and ask for eyes to see where humility and change are needed. Yes, of course you should be doing this all the time and not just once every 12 months, WE KNOW. It's just a way to have a fresh start, a new beginning. I think God is all about those.

So, the challenge to MYSELF is to, 1) take on these challenges in my own life (duh) since I thought of them and, 2) to write about them once a week. One new challenge every week for the 5 weeks of January. If you hate what I suggest then pick your own (GOOD GRIEF), I won't be hurt and even though we're so close, I likely won't even know about it. But, do pick your own and go for it with all the gusto of an old car spinning out in the newly fallen January snow (I tried to think of a more hopeful picture to inspire you but it is a NEW YEAR'S resolution you know...)

Because I'm in kind of a snarky mood tonight I am going to start the list off with a light-hearted one. But stay with me, we will go deeper...

Challenge #1: OUT WITH THE SODA!! (or pop or coke, or "spicey" as my kids call it)

Maybe you are already saying "I QUIT." Well, get back here. You can't. Remember our unbreakable bond?
Soda is the most useless form of consumption I can think of (right now...unaided by any research resources outside of Googling). It might taste good but it is pure SUGAR and does absolutely nothing for you besides coat your teeth and your gut with life-sucking excess. And there are so many more wonderful things to drink!
This  may or may not be inspiring anything but rage in you so I'll just say that it's not called a CHALLENGE for nothing. If you need a sugar hit, do something more natural, even eat a chocolate covered almond (mmmm... my favorite) but stop drinking plastic, hydrogenated corn syrup. I have to believe you will notice a difference in how you feel and maybe even look if you give it up. There are lots of other good reasons. Look them up:)

If you get bored by water, drink it anyway, but add something else fun. I have to have a sugary mug of chai tea every afternoon.

I wish you all the best and promise to have a less diet-infringing challenge next week, possibly even something that deals with the soul instead of the ever-popular health of our bodies!

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