Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simply Thirty

When you are little the world of adulthood seems like another dimension. You think that not only will you likely never enter it, but it's contents are entirely impenetrable, like a bubble of underwater voices that rise and fall in and around you as you scurry through doorways and tear through the driveway on your latest upgrade of wheels. You never think you'll be thirty.

My son asked me how old I was on my birthday yesterday and he couldn't even count that high so it just left him baffled, awed, and bored... so he left to go play. I entered the Thirty's Club with a bang about as loud as the toilet lid smacking me awake at 4:30 a.m. I didn't think too much about it, but my husband was thrilled that I am finally old enough to hang out with him in public. He always rips on me for being born in the 80's. An entirely different decade than his superior self. I barely escaped being as cool as him by a mere 25 days. I thanked him again profusely for marrying me anyway.

It really was a lovely birthday (despite all my sarcasm that sometimes ruins everything)! It was so simple and sweet and I thought I would share just a few snapshots from the day that really made it just that... simple and sweet. Some things are not pictured and the first of those was my rockstar neighbors who dropped off some freshly baked lemon cranberry scones on their way out the door. How sweet is that? Made my morning. Others included the cascade of emails that made me feel hugged, thought of,  and missed (thus making me miss them again) from many miles away. A few moments did make it on camera however, and here they are.

: birthday breakfast :

: busy blur... really, most of what I see of her all day :

No, I am not becoming a mad scientist, creating homemade bombs or anything. This is just yet another contraption for making, what else? an intensely perfect cup of coffee. Thank you honey.

: very cool cards


She crawled up there and stayed put for several minutes. They are so sweet together. I think they know they look alike or something.

Dinner by candlelight, the best ice cream I've had in a LONG time, and some seriously authentic Tiramisu, all with this (see below) man. Perfect, perfect birthday.

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