Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Late to Lent

The Lenten Season snuck up on me this year. It was Sunday before I realized we were already five days in. But it has been an important time of growth and reflection in recent years, so I'm sliding in through the back door regardless of not being on top of things. 

Lately, I've been so challenged by things I've read, heard, and seen... and they are all making me think about motivations in my heart, paths I am headed down, the things that have been put in my life and the desire I have to use them for real good and for something that lasts. That can be rather exhausting to think about, but I've narrowed it down to a couple areas and at least over this season of preparing for Easter, I'm taking some time to shut off a few loud noises and to seek clarity and direction. Or just to seek the face of God and grow more concerned about real life and less concerned about the stuff that shouldn't matter.

And photos. They fall into this mix somehow. I'm thinking about a lot of things concerning them but one small exercise, more creative than philosophical, over these next few weeks will be to shoot only in black and white. At least until Easter. Until that sun rises.

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