Friday, January 15, 2016

December Wipe Out

December was big, bad and beautiful, but oh was it full and the lowest priorities got pushed off the list... which included daily posts and even catch up daily posts for this last month of my 365 project. So,  December is a just one giant mash up of all the daily photos I took, with no captions and just a tiny bit of organization.  A collection of images in three parts. Because it's already the middle of January.

Part One
| At Home |

Part Two
| Headed South |

Part Three
| On the Border of Burma |

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  1. Hi!
    I love your photography and have been following you for some time now. I was wondering if you still did Gotcha Day sessions? I could not find a contact form or email on your website so I thought I would inquire via comment. We would so much love to have our daughter captured on camera. We hope to travel in March. If you could email me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so very much!
    You can read more about our adoption on Instagram as @spuronlove
    Thanks for your time and consideration. Please know we are willing to pay travel expenses on top of a session fee. Thank!