Monday, October 12, 2015

Gotcha Day Stories :: This Remains

In the movies, it always rains during funerals. I think that is because like a good poem, life happens in more than just a cognitive way; we feel and see and breathe our way through all the events of our lives. So when the sun shines on the day you adopt your child, I think it is no mere coincidence. Even the heavens are singing for joy. They are telling your story with all the glory they have to offer.

I spent a good part of two days with this family, as they came to the end of a long journey, and began a new one all in the same moment. It takes no small amount of faith to step out into an unknown land of medical needs and emotional trauma, of learning to love and hoping with all your heart this little one will love you back. But as much effort as it must take, when I watch them, I think they are in a way, being what they cannot help but be-- human. They are doing what comes natural to someone made in the image of a mighty, loving, personal God. And in spite of all our brokenness, this mercy remains, that we can and do want to love. 


  1. I always love these posts! what beautiful images and memories you were able to capture!!

  2. Hello Christine - just found your blog as I was wanting to add you as a friend on Facebook. Wonderful photos, especially capturing the special moments, not just in your life and family, but in others' lives, such as this family with their new child. May the Father bless your work. - Anita