Saturday, December 8, 2012

DPP // Day 8

{wrapped in light}

*When you are a kid and you are a kid who goes to church, you hear the Christmas story A LOT. Inevitably, you hear how most good Jews knew there was a Messiah coming and knew a lot of the prophecies concerning him. But then the virgin conceived, and a baby was born in a cow stall, and he grew up in Nazareth, and was the son of a carpenter. This threw everyone off. Way off. 

I have heard about how it was all so "unexpected" and not how anyone had envisioned it, and it caused a lot of people to doubt, or at least struggle to believe that this was the plan and this was the man.

This year, it has occurred to me that I woud probably be lined up with those doubters. So I am all the more intrigued and impressed by Mary's response, by Joseph's bravery, by Simeon's faith, by Anna's endurance, and all the little players throughout the whole of the story who looked at a crazy situation and didn't turn away but believed.

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