Sunday, September 30, 2012

to the trains

{heading out early}
A couple legs to the trip... walking, pedi cab, cab, walking... to get to the train station where I planned to buy tickets for a trip south in the next couple days. I say "planned" because I had never done this before and was a little nervous how it all would go, not to mention if there would even be any tickets left seeing as how it is one of the craziest, busiest holiday seasons of the year right now. 

{getting it done}
This man was perched on a bamboo ladder amid a throng of what appeared to be very confusing wire chaos, as well as a throng of a billion busy people bustling at the base of his perch. It made me nervous to say the least.

{like ducks in a row, or kind of}
There we all were... hoping, waiting, sweating it out and praying we walked away with the tickets we needed.

{looking them over}
I watched every.single.person. around me do this several times throughout the wait... look over their I.D. card, their money, their ticket options. And then look them over again.

{in hand}
we got them! 

The maze of people and vendors continued after the tickets were purchased. I ended up on the backseat of some stranger's scooter, agreeing for a fee that he would get me back home through the traffic jammed streets. And he did.


  1. I am currently abroad in Costa Rica and went away to Turrialba last weekend. It was my first time traveling within the country alone. I was nervous and really bummed out at first, as I felt that people I invited had flaked out, but it worked out; I needed the alone quiet time. I hope you enjoyed your trip as well! I'd love to hear about it.

  2. I know women who get angry if they have to take more than one child with them to the grocery are the most courageous woman I know.