Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer stills

Oh, I am falling behind again. 
We had a birthday.
And it rained quite a bit for a stretch there. 
We bought paint for these white walls that have been staring at me all year. 
There was some work done in the kitchen (my counter no longer hits me at the knees!). 
I've been teaching Curls his first lessons in piano. 
We busted out the puzzles (and nearly lost the Man in a puzzle vortex that threatened to swallow him for the rest of the summer). 
We have been hosting friends. 
We went for a few swims at a nearby pool infested with some kind of bug that you can't see or feel... until the nasty bites show up later all over your legs. 
I bought a canvas to paint on. I have never painted a canvas in my life, and yet somehow, I believe I can do it. 
I am ready to take pictures with the Canon again and give Instagram a break.
The Baby is almost 3 months old. He is quite possibly, perfect.
I cut inches, in large number, off my hair and it feels wonderful. Don't tell my mother. If you tell her, please also tell her it continues to grow as it has done my whole life long. Tell her not to worry.
The sun has come out to play here and there. 
We are here, nearly a year, and I am rejoicing at the change in my heart about it.


  1. I want to see a picture of your hair.
    Josh has a tatoo?
    You're giving piano lessons to your child?
    Also, more pics of the wee one, please.

    Happy to know what's going on. Happy you're happy too.

  2. I second the call for a photo of your new do, please :-)