Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back... with a Baby

My, oh my. Quite the hiatus we've had here. Quite the year. It's been slow going and arduous in many ways and I think that has shown itself in almost every area of my life, including the state of this blog. But we are coming around. 

The weather has brightened up, for one. Just when you think you may lose it if there is one more cold, rainy, overcast day... the sun comes out and the air warms up and for a few short months we are enveloped in this little cocoon of loveliness. I won't say it hasn't done wonders for our mental health. It has possibly even made us better parents, spouses, heck- citizens of the world.

Beyond the weather, we added a member to our family! What began as a time of trepidation shortly after our arrival in our new home, as we found out much to our surprise that we were pregnant with our fourth child, has now come full circle and we joyfully and I can even say gratefully and with great delight welcomed our third little man and fourth crazy kid into the world on April 17. He's a dream baby so far. It's like he knew he needed to steal our hearts right from the get-go and he has not wasted any time. We all adore him and he makes it so easy with his chilled manner, gorgeous chubby cheeks and kissable little lips. He took to nursing like a champ, sleeps and wakes and does all that stuff you work so hard to get babies to do with ease. I keep saying, "how long is this going to last?" Love him.

I'm also posting a few birth announcements I had fun playing around with. The Man says I should start a new business... sarcastic birth announcements. I don't know what my problem is.

We have been graciously carried along through so much this year and I am feeling grateful and hopeful that we are rounding the bend a little. There have been a few moments, walking home in the late evening with the leaves rustling slightly in a warm breeze, or in the early hours of a bright new day beginning, when we have looked at each other and said, "we're doing okay... I even feel like I'm starting to like it here..." and that is a good feeling. I look at my four kids and though I'm battling fatigue and the irritation that seems to inevitably come with it... I love them and can't believe that they have really all come through this singular body and entered into our family to stay. It feels complete.


  1. It is so nice to see you here. I'm all for sarcastic birth announcements. When you are that sleep deprived you definitely need to laugh!

  2. Oh my. That baby is the most gorgeous. Just so perfect. Congratulations! Glad to see you posting agian. :)

  3. He's very handsome as a boy baby should be, the pictures are incredible, and I'm glad I finally made it here to check him out- should have done so weeks ago as I'm always in need to photographic inspiration :) And Quinn is the perfect Keegan name. Please tell me you were able to get an epidural... I hope you are all well.