Thursday, March 8, 2012

Days of Gray 6 {the weight of a child}

Today I listened to the heartbeat of my baby, beating strong at nearly 35 weeks, and threatening to take over the entire middle portion of my body.

Today I learned that one of my loved ones went to the same appointment, only to find that the heartbeat was no longer there.

Today I watched a video on the Invisible Children of Africa who are barely babies themselves.

Today I was at times highly irritated at the way my children bickered, and at other moments, charmed and softened by their antics and blossoming personalities. I knew I was blessed to be surrounded by them, in all their afflictions, failures, and wonders.

Today I remembered, as I have nearly every day in recent months, that a few short weeks from now will mark the one year anniversary of the tragic accident and death of a friend's 10 year old son.

Today I thought about my growing anticipation to meet this newest member of our family, with the words, "every life matters" rattling around in my head, thinking about how I was originally disappointed to see the two pink lines and how, in grace, I have moved away from that thought.

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