Monday, November 14, 2011

A Wee Bit of Wonderful

I do not come from "Big Birthday Bash" stock. We celebrate small. We keep it pretty simple. I am not saying this is a virtue in any way. At some point my children may grow frustrated and disappointed by my lack of birthday fervor. They may require counseling or a book on how to deal with childhood deprivation. But for now, they remain happy and content with the little we do, and the lack of pressure or house teeming with screaming, sugar induced children has probably added a few years to my life and a better outlook on my job as a mother.

I do have to say that I take my hat off to, and stand in awe of, and greatly admire (and sometimes wish I was so wired) those who enjoy and pull of such creative and delightful celebrations for their little loved ones.

But back to me, and my mine.

We celebrated with a bit of pink yesterday. She who runs around like a cowboy and wrestles with Big Brother without fear, who builds Lincoln Log houses (having no doll house) and demands that someone play catch with her or let her be goalie, firmly announced that she wanted a pink cake... pink all around if you please.

She also got a doll. A sweet and perfect little handmade doll I had asked my mother to make for Scout since she was turning three and does need some girlie things of her own. Grandma came through and finished a simple little version of this pattern by Wee Wonderfuls. She also made a small line of adorable outfits, half of which we gave her yesterday while the other half waits for Christmas.

I was pretty excited about this gift- this one and only gift (save the dress our out of town guest and old neighbor gave her in the morning, and the few little trinkets of stickers and cards from friends sent over on the plane) but was not sure how much of a liking our little girl would take to her new little girl. Needless to worry- she was soon hugging and peppering her with kisses, talking sweetly to her and tucking her under her arm wherever she went. The following day has seen much of the same. "Sarah," she has been named, and so our celebration of turning 3 has been deemed a small but beautifully simple and meaningful success.


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