Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before and After {guest room}

I posted this picture a few days after we had moved in. It is the guest room/office and for awhile it has been the catch-all place for everything left unpacked or without a proper place just yet.

But I am so happy to say that we are making progress and it is becoming more the space I pictured it to be, with a few small details left to go (like paint on the walls and chair, one last box of books to find a home for, cushions and pillows for the window seats... maybe)

Redoing a room when you move is for me an ever-evolving dance of repurposing the old, and knowing what new things need to be purchased. I may not love the filing shelf as a bedside table, but when you need a new bed and sheets, well you just have to make do with the ugly shelf!

I did have a lovely time getting all my yarn out and dreaming of the coming year and it's many projects. Then there was a sudden light bulb of an idea to use an old map of China that had been ruined in many places but I didn't throw away yet- and fill my needlepoint looms with the good patches of places we've been and lived.

I was thrilled to be able to bring back this old Remington typewriter from a thrift store this summer. The kids have already enjoyed typing many short, sweet letters to grandparents and friends. I however am not so sure about the hand winding of the ribbon when the size of spool I bought did not quite work on this model.

And then there is our guest bed, which houses a trundle bed underneath and has already been used once... ready for many more visitors! It is the most comfortable bed in our house and it takes some measure of control for me not to creep in there at night when my hips feel a bit sore from the fossilized board they call a  mattress in my own room.

This room, with it's lovely light and deep window seats and now organized, cheerful shelves and soft bed is my favorite place in the house just now. More pictures of the other spaces I've been working on to come.


  1. You have such beautiful natural light! And you were so creative with the oldest wants to do her room in a shabby chic/travel theme and we may have to borrow your idea :-)

  2. Me, me! I want to come stay in that fabulous guest room. Great job. You have a gift that so reflects God's love for beauty, color, order and joy. And I have to say I was thrilled to see some little girl dress up. : )