Tuesday, March 30, 2010

egypt :: falafel any day of the week

Today I bring you some Egyptian cuisine. There's not much time as we are checking out of our hotel in a few minutes and moving to a different location for the next few days. But I have been enjoying this fantastic food so much I had to try to share some pictures with you. I really do enjoy living in China, but the eats here are forcing me to consider whether or not a move is in order. Is it okay to move for food?

Hummus (please say that H with as much guttural phlegm as you can muster), feta cheese, fresh marinated grilled vegetables (all in one mouthful- delightful), pita bread, filafel (for breakfast- yum!).

Turkish coffee. I was hesitant at first because I know they boil it with the grounds and leave it unstrained. But they are so fine they become a clay-like paste that sits at the bottom of the cup while the liquid above becomes a smooth, black delicious means of caffeination. You can order it plain, mildly sweet, or very sweet. But the most important thing to note here is how smooth and strong it is... just like this girl likes it, as long as it doesn't put any hair on my chest.

I leave you with one sad little shot of the glorious pool that we have looked longingly at for nearly four days now. This was all I could get before the pool manager came over and kindly informed me photos were not permitted. But let me tell you, there are cabanas, there is foliage, lots and lots of green foliage, flowers, and cool clear water. There are piles of towels, little votive candles everywhere in the evening, the sound of waterfalls.

The next two days we venture into the city on our own so hopefully I will have much more to share here soon, with pictures. For those of you who are interested, things on the homefront seem to be going well. I was informed by a friend that my daughter was adorably dressed with her hair neatly combed (didn't know we even did that) in the Nursery on Sunday, so the Man appears to have things in order. He did tell me that earlier that morning she had thrown herself into the tub fully dressed, twice, while her brothers were getting cleaned up. She does keep things interesting.

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