Monday, December 28, 2009


Today I am cleaning. I can't believe it has already been over 2 months since Brian and Josey and little Judah arrived and plopped down into our lives and cozy little home. They left this morning to return to the States where a new job and aisles of cold cereal options await them. I've been doing laundry since the moment they walked out the door. It's currently four in the afternoon... and the machine is still spinning. I've put Sadie back in her bedroom already, and good riddance! I love that girl but I need some sleep. I've vacuumed, dusted, put blankets and pillows away, un-re-arranged some of the furniture and made a loaf of bread for dinner. But, no one will be here to eat it except us. Just us. No Judah asking if there's more rice and no Josey moaning secretly at the thought of another bite. None of Brian's Fargo-tainted wisecracks or petitions for more hot chocolate. We can't stay up late watching Pride and Prejudice and discuss who plays a better Darcy, or stumble bleary eyed into the kitchen together searching for the first cup of precious coffee.

I'm cleaning, and even though it feels good, I'm kind of sad. In some ways it's bittersweet because living in close quarters for many weeks with lots of people and even more small children is bound to need an end at some point. And we're all a little grateful for our space and routine to return to normal... but it also means we say goodbye for another couple years. So, I'm thankful for our shared time together, full of tight squeezes and compromises, cups of tea (and coffee and chai and hot cocoa) and conversation, eating out and feasting in, sleepless nights and kid-free flights, cousin games and cousin fights, and always lots of joy. Thank you for making this trip happen Brian and Josey and Judah. We love and already miss you!

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